Hygrothermal modelling is the analysis of heat flow and moisture flow at the same time. It’s an incredibly useful tool for helping to predict the risk of moisture problems in building elements during design stage.

There will be a growing demand for this type of analysis in New Zealand. Take this opportunity to start offering WUFI® 2D modelling of simple and complex building structures.

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Course Outcomes

This course applies the fundamental hygrothermal theories and applying to construction details. WUFI® 2D simulation requires detailed geometry of joints and connections of a building structure such as a wall-floor connection. By the end of this course the attendee will be able to:

  • Install and set up WUFI® 2D software
  • Describe the differences between 1D and 2D Calculations
  • Generate model geometry – Example: localised thermal bridge
  • Understand computational parameters
  • Import a DXF File
  • Input moisture and heat sources and sinks
  • Vary source strengths
  • Interpret and present 2D simulation results

CPD / LBP points apply.

  • Venue: pro clima HUB, Penrose, Auckland
  • Length: 1 day (9 am – 4:30 pm)
  • Cost: $600 (+GST)
  • Catered: Lunch, morning and afternoon tea included
  • Special Requirements: Please bring your own laptop
  • Software: A time limited (6 week) non-commercial licence for WUFI® 2D software will be available
  • Prerequisite: WUFI® User (1D), or equivalent

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