To be effective, windows need to be installed properly to keep out wind and rain.

To be efficient, windows need to be placed in line with the wall insulation.

It is possible to be both effective and efficient, but there are some anomalies here in New Zealand that currently make this tricky.

During this session we looked into the apparent conflicts between clauses of the New Zealand Building Code that make it hard to install windows effectively and efficiently. Hartwig Künzel will showed us how these issues are not as unique as we think they are, and how this problem has already been overcome around the world.



Prof. Dr. Hartwig Künzel

Prof. Dr. Hartwig Künzel is the head of the Division of Hygrothermics at Fraunhofer Institut Bauphysik in Holzkirchen. It’s an honour for us to host him here in New Zealand and we hope you can join us to discuss why and how we should increase the use of hygrothermal modelling in New Zealand.



Jesse Clarke

Jesse Clarke joined Pro Clima with more than 15 years experience in the construction industry. He holds the technical lead role of the Building Science Manager, servicing Australia and New Zealand. Jesse is an active advocate for a holistic approach to the development of industry guidance, standards and codes. As the chairman of the AIRAH special technical group for building envelope physics is driving standardisation around the use of hygrothermal analysis (WUFI®) for healthier and more durable buildings.



Windows that Work Part 1 – Hartwig Künzel.

Windows that Work Part 2 – Jesse Clarke.