Why have building practices around the world advanced to produce high quality homes while here in New Zealand we’ve mostly stood still?

Join us for this informative session about where we’ve come from, and be part of changing the trajectory of the New Zealand building industry.

Looking into the history of building in New Zealand, and where we’ve come from, helps explain some of the current problems we have with our homes and our health.

Why has the industry progressed in other parts of the world, while we’ve stayed still?

What was significant about 1979?

Join us for an insightful look at why we are where we are. By looking back, this seminar helps us to see the best path forward for health, comfort and performance.

We have now completed all of our scheduled building science seminars for  2018.

Come back soon to register for upcoming sessions in 2019.

To arrange a private session for your team, please contact Matthew Cutler-Welsh, matthew.cutler-welsh@proclima.co.nz

CPD / LBP points apply.

  • Venue: pro clima HUB, Penrose, Auckland
  • Length: Two hours
  • Cost: FREE
  • Complimentary refreshments