The fascinating fundamentals of building science and what it all means for your building, your budget and your health.

It’s not rocket science. It’s building science!

What’s the difference between heat and temperature? What about relative versus absolute humidity? Why does ice form on your car roof even when the air temperature is above zero? Most importantly, what does this all mean for our buildings and our health?

Join us for this entertaining and educational introduction into the science of the buildings around us.

We have now completed all of our scheduled building science seminars for  2018.

To enquire about upcoming sessions for 2019, or to arrange a private session for your team, please contact Matthew Cutler-Welsh,

CPD / LBP points apply.

  • Venue: pro clima HUB, Penrose, Auckland
  • Length: Two hours
  • Cost: $49.00
  • Complimentary refreshments