What exactly is a Blower Door and why is it one of the best tools we have for measuring building performance?

Airtightness is a key element to building performance and a Blower Door is the tool to measure airtightness. This introductory course covers the history, basic theory of Blower Door testing and includes a Blower Door demonstration.

Learn how a Blower Door should be part of your quality control and building performance regime.

Blower Door training at the pro clima HUB is scheduled for late May 2019. Registration available soon.

To enquire about upcoming sessions for 2019, or to arrange a session for your team, please contact Matthew Cutler-Welsh, matthew.cutler-welsh@proclima.co.nz

CPD / LBP points apply.

  • Venue: pro clima HUB, Penrose, Auckland
  • Length: Three hours
  • Cost: $90.00
  • Complimentary refreshments