Blower Door Training

Airtightness is a key principle of creating healthy, energy efficient and resilient buildings. At the pro clima HUB, we offer a series of dedicated seminars covering the science of airtightness, why airtightness is desirable, and how Bloor Doors can be used to quantify the quality of construction.

Air Tightness Testing & Measurement

The term ‘airtightness’ is often misunderstood, yet airtight construction is so important for creating a building that works well.

Blower Doors are very useful tools for quantifying the quality of a constructed building envelope. The use of a Blower Door is also required for any building aiming for Passive House Certification.

Our Building Performance and Blower Doors seminar offers an introduction to the science of airtightness. We define what airtightness is (and what it isn’t). We go on to explore why airtightness is important and also how to achieve it. This introduction course is aimed at building owners, designers and builders who want to understand airtightness and when to use a Blower Door.

We also offer advanced training for those seeking to become ATTMA* accredited Blower Door testers.

Building Performance and Blower Doors

What is a blower door and why is it one of the best tools we have for measuring building performance?

Airtightness is a key element to building performance and a Blower Door is the tool to measure airtightness.

This introductory course covers the history and basic theory of Blower Door testing as well as a Blower Door demonstration.


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Envelope Area Training (3D Modelling)

Measuring building areas and volumes accurately and consistently is crucial for correct calculations of envelope permeability. The ATTMA Envelope Area Training course teaches candidates how to carry out 3D modelling of dwellings to ensure accurate envelope areas. The envelope area course uses the well-known Sketchup program, ensuring accurate, traceable envelope area calculations every time.


Air Tightness Testing - Level 1, Testing Techniques

This workshop covers the essentials of the blower door system and Its software. Understanding how to use the blower door is only the first step. We will concentrate on trouble-shooting and understanding what the system is doing and knowing how to use the software to its maximum potential.

If you have done testing already, bring your computer and some sample test files and we can review them. Bring your digital manometer for an informal comparison of manometer calibration against a recently-calibrated manometer.

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Blower door_1

Air Tightness Testing - Level 1, Testing Theory and Application

This course will provide an understanding of how ATTMA and blower door standards are applied in New Zealand and Australia. We will better understand how blower door results should be represented and compared, and how they relate to physical processes in real buildings.

Attendees must have competency using a blower door system and interpreting results. The course will culminate in a sample theory exam for ATTMA Level 1 accreditation. After this course, attendees will be better prepared to apply for ATTMA Level 1 accreditation. This course presumes technical competency with common blower door manufacturer equipment.

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